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young and aggressive ,Eager to have a foothold 

黑桃6艾达(Ada)是黑桃j的妹妹。自小就生长在帮派里加之自身聪慧可人深得黑桃k和家族一些长辈的喜爱 ,这也形成了她骄纵叛逆的性格。但自从父亲和黑桃Q在一起后,艾达的母亲终日郁郁寡欢,最终忧郁而终。艾达 痛恨黑桃Q,以至于在帮派内处处都在和黑桃Q作对,她期望自己有一天能足够强大到成为Q。

母亲的离去对处于叛逆期的艾达打击很大,之后的她开始酗酒嗑药。从小性格本就像男孩的她,对刀枪的喜爱让她 对日本的武士刀术有着浓厚的兴趣,她的武士刀术师从于一刀流派,讲究快速出刀和斩杀迅速的技艺,此刀术重于 进攻弱于防守,但出刀速度也足以让她在起始打斗中占尽优势。至于她的格斗技巧虽都不是很精湛,但凭借黑桃j 教她的一招半式对付一些打手还是绰绰有余。

父亲和哥哥都不希望她参与帮派中的事物,但骄横的性格让她总是擅自参与一些行动,在各种大大小小的行动中她 凭借一招半式功夫和积累起的经验,也慢慢被黑桃家族长辈默许。
在黑桃j逃亡后,她也一直害怕在帮派中失去地位,但齿少气锐的她根本不是黑桃Q的对手,庆幸的是帮派中黑桃 j信任的一些人在暗中保护她,加上黑桃k的身份,艾达在帮派里还算有一点颜面。

在收到黑桃3的一只手之后,艾达非常的愤怒,冲动之下要求面见父亲请求他帮助赎人,但被黑桃Q阻拦下来并告 诫艾达这很可能是个陷阱,不愿去营救。但年轻气盛的艾达怎能容忍黑桃Q的推脱言辞,只能去求助于哥哥最信任 的手下之一黑桃7,黑桃7也察觉这是个陷阱,但他无法劝阻艾达的冲动,他只好应允下来,开始为赎人做着周密 的准备......。

The 6 of spades, Ada, is J’s little sister. Growing up in the gang and being a smart whistle, she was very much loved by the K of spades and other family elderlies. Their fondness indulged her becoming a spoiled rebel. Ever since her father got together with Q, Ada’s mother was depressed and worried. She finally passed away in depression. Ada hated Q, enough to pick up fights against Q anywhere she can. She hoped that one day, she would be the new Q.

The death of her mother took a huge impact on Ada. She took booze and drugs as her defense. She was somewhat boyish since a little girl, and her favor of knives and guns led to her strong interest in Japanese Katana. Her Kenjutsu curriculum was mainly Ittō-ryū, which was a very intense dueling style, focused on simple and fast techniques where no unnecessary movements were made. This style of Kenjutsu is heavy on the offense and light on the defense, but the high velocity starts from pulling out the weapon often gives quite some advantage in the first several rounds. Even her techniques were not quite exquisite, the few moves J taught her were enough in case of facing some street bullies. Her father and brother never wanted her getting into the gang, but her spoiled character led her involve herself into various actions without permission. During those actions and battles, her passable Kenjutsu and accumulated experience gradually got the tacit approval of the family.

After J escaped, she was afraid of losing her foothold in the gang. Being young and aggressive, she is no match for Q. Hopefully there are some members in the family that J trusted offered her protection in secret; These as well as K’s position granted her some last dignity.

After receiving the hand of 3 of Spades, Ada was furious. She went to see her father asking for his help with the ransom, but was stopped by Q emphasizing that the whole thing is most likely a trap. But how could bold little Ada tolerate Q’s shirking, she went to seek help from her brother’s most trusted hand, the 7 of spades. 7 also noticed the smell of a trap, but he could not stop Ada’s impulse; He had no choice but to give Ada his word, and started preparing for the ransom

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