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First established in 1978 (first incorporated as Bowen Designs, Inc. in 1991). Bowen Designs is a company dealing in the creation and sale of entertainment-based collectible statues. Most Bowen products released thus far are based on Marvel Comics characters, but products based on independent comics and movies have also been created.

The primary designer and sculptor for Bowen Designs is Randy Bowen. He started as a garage kit creator and quickly moved up to being the best known and respected sculptor in the industry. Currently, Bowen Designs consists of many more people and often employs freelance sculptors due to the large amount of product being released. Bowen's line of Marvel statues and busts was largely responsible for a new era in collectible statues. Previously, comic statues were cheaply made, and the detail in both the sculpt and painting of these pieces was lacking. No comfortable medium had yet to be found between the price point, quality and edition size until Bowen Designs came upon the scene. This was also due to Marvel comics flooding the market with similar licenses. Now, the collectible statues market has grown by leaps and bounds and includes various other companies who have each found their niche in the market.

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